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Enroll in any of our gardening classes. Learn about things ranging from traditional vegetable gardening, to floral arrangement, to caring for Bonsai trees.

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We are committed to creating a thriving and fun online community. Our forums will be moderated so that they stay on topic.

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On our forums you can directly talk to our gardening experts. If you sign up for classes with discussion groups you can meet with them regularly and ask them.

Brilliant Instructors

Brie Arthur

Known for her leadership with the national Foodscape movement and her lively, information packed presentations, Brie Arthur is a celebrated speaker and bestselling author. With more than two decades of experience as a professional horticulturist, propagator and communicator Brie shares her expertise with audiences around the country and is a correspondent on the Emmy award winning PBS Television show “Growing a Greener World”. Follow Brie’s gardening journey through her YouTube channel, Brie the Plant Lady.

Ryan Neil

Ryan Neil is an artist and entrepreneur who single handedly carved a new space in the contemporary art canon — deemed American Bonsai. This style seeks to capture the essence of America’s wild spaces, utilizing native species and calling on ancient, asymmetrical forms. Based outside Portland, Oregon — Neil is at the helm of two companies, Bonsai Mirai and Mirai Live, while constantly seeking to expand and perfect his creative endeavors. Neil’s work is a culmination of awe, grit and transience — an enigmatic representation of humans, trees, and our interdependent spaces in a steady, primordial flux.

Casey J.

I started my first garden in 2001 and have been hooked ever since. I developed a passion for learning all I could on the care and cultivation of various perennials. I have studied Horticulture at the Chicago Botanic Garden and have designed gardens for friends, family and paying clients. I love to share my thoughts and experience with anyone interested in gardening. I am the host of Get Gardening!!! on YouTube and I truly believe everyone has a green thumb.

Highlighted Classes

How to Make Bonsai with Ryan Neil

In the how to make a bonsai series Ryan turns his attention to a curriculum focused on the fundamentals of finding a tree, pruning a tree, and wiring a tree.  What makes this series so valuable is the expanded discussion of how bonsai design is considered, and an expanded sampling of what it looks like to fully style a bonsai for the first time. See Class Overview

Keeping the Animals Out with Brie Arthur

Mammal browse is one of the biggest challenges that gardeners face. And we all have critters that we are sharing our gardens with, including deer, rabbits, groundhogs, even cats and dogs! The reality is, our gardens are delicious- they are fertilized, irrigated and full of tasty exotic plants, so of course the local wildlife will take delight in eating our hard work. In this fun webinar, author, and horticulturist Brie Arthur, will explain her approach to dealing with unwanted animals. She will cover it all, including a few things that you should NOT do! From the best repellents and inexpensive fencing solutions to using a few favorite veggies to help deter problem animals, attendees will learn easy-to-apply strategies. See Class Overview

Designing a Perennial Garden with Casey J.

Beautiful perennial gardens can truly be as captivating as any work of art. Do you ever see a beautiful garden and wish you had one in your own yard? Do you ever want to start a garden and are not quite sure where to begin? Well look no further, this is the course for you! Here, you will learn all about the process of starting a garden. Casey J. has been gardening for over 20 years, designing gardens and learning all about perennials, he is eager to share his knowledge with you. Whilst some grander gardens may feel out of reach, this course was designed for the beginner in mind. Everyone has to begin somewhere, begin here and you’ll be given a great foundation on which to launch your dream garden. See Class Overview

How It Works

Step 1: Find a Class

We offer classes that are either video only class content or video class content plus live discussions which allow you to meet weekly with other students and the instructor for a group discussion.

Step 2: Enroll and Take the Class

Once you’ve found a class you like, enrolling is easy. Each class will have a different price that is set by the instructor. Enrolling is a great way to support these instructors so they can continue creating new content!

Step 3: Participate in Forums

Each class will have it’s own private forum, just for the students of that class. Moreover, the whole Aster community will have public forums you can participate in freely. These forums will be moderated so that they stay on-topic.

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